Hunderton Happening 2022 WINNER!

Thank You for your support!

The Golden Nugget Flea Market is very grateful to have won the Hunderton Happening: Best in Vintage category for the fifth year in a row. We would like to say thank you for your support over the years and being part of the Golden Nugget family. Looking forward to seeing you at the Market.

Market Hours:

Wednesday - 6 AM to 4 PM

Saturday - 6 AM to 4 PM

Sunday - 6 AM to 4 PM



Antique Train Shows are Coming Soon!

May 14th & June 18th
Reserve Your Table TODAY!

The Golden Nugget Flea Market will be hosting more antique train shows on Saturday May 14th & Saturday June 18th.

- Collectible Toy Trains of all Gauges
- Test Track and Parts Available

• Open at 6:00am
• Free Entry
• Free Parking

Visit our Events page to register.






COVID-19 Guidelines

Indoor & Outdoor Shopping Is Open at reduced capacity to ensure proper social distancing

We are concerned for the health and safety of our customers and vendors so we ask for everyone’s cooperation as we reopen with necessary restrictions.

It will be business as usual with social distancing required everywhere and outdoor operations at 50% capacity. In order to maintain distancing requirements, we need to temporarily eliminate the center aisle display space in front of tables.

We will follow State guidelines so please follow these rules:

Shoppers and Vendors:

• Please maintain social distancing

• Please do not enter if you are sick


50% capacity will be in force – spacer tables must be left unoccupied

• Reservations required to set up on all days!

• Prepayment is encouraged.

• Vendors must remain at assigned tables all day

• No switching moving or adding tables at any time

• No adding personal tables (temporary)

• No displaying in center isle (temporary)

• No displaying behind market tables

• Monthly Vendors are not guaranteed usual reserved tables due to spacing requirements

• Vendors must not leave any items at their tables. No cardboard, trash or unwanted items is to be left at table or garbage bin – you brought it you must take it home. Violators will be asked not to return.


Violators will be asked to leave with no refunds

Hand sanitizers will be provided and facilities will be cleaned often

Video Gallery - *NEW Videos Posted*

Several vendors and shoppers frequent the Golden Nugget Flea Market and record their findings and treasures. Check out the new videos posted. The video gallery is under the "About" menu.

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